Why Golden Tears?

Golden Tears Boutique primarily sells Italian Leather handbags and more.  We created this store because of our appreciation for the beauty and durability of leather.  Like wine, quality leather improves with age.

Our leather bags are sourced directly from Italy and while we do have a significant amount of inventory here in Florida your order may be transferred from our Italian warehouse to our Florida one prior to shipping to you. This is done by Express Air and the approximate extra 4 days is included in the delivery date estimation.

This model has several benefits for you. You can obtain Florentine Leather bags without the hassle of customs, duties, foreign currency charges etc. All orders and returns are managed by our Florida office ensuring that you do not have the stress of trying to deal with a company in a different time zone subject to different e commerce laws and it creates a much smoother customer relationship!

We have been asked why Golden Tears for our name.  It is a good question and we have wondered on occasion if perhaps we should have named it something more specific to the industry.  My husband (also known as Chief Logistic Manager- Ha!) and I started working on the concept during a period of transition for us.  We had finally built our home in a rural area on our very own 10 acres and instead of listening to sirens at night we listen to the wildlife.  The night sky can be breathtaking without the light pollution we were used to, and we can literally drive for miles without seeing a traffic light or even another car.  In a short period of time, we had a lot of changes -- days of celebration and days of loss.  A lot of tears were shed, both happy ones and sad ones.  We celebrate that all those tears, the good and bad brought us to where we are today.  And that my friends, is a little bit of the backstory of why Golden Tears!